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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


# pwd
Displays current directory location.

# ls
List the file in the current directory.

# cat
Displays content of file. e.g. cat /etc/hosts

# more
pager, i.e. same as cat but pauses every end of screen. e.g. more /etc/hosts

# cd
change directory location. e.g. cd /etc

# ps
process list

# top
task and resource management

# kill
terminate or restart processes. e.g. kill pid

# chown
change ownership of resource. e.g. chown user filename

# chmod
change permissions of resource. e.g. chmod g+w filename

# grep
look for pattern in resouce content. e.g. grep hostname /etc/hosts

show end of resource. e.g. tail /var/log/messages

full manual for each command can be invoked by 'man' command. e.g. 'man ls'

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